Best Online Esport Betting Sites

Nowadays, esports betting can be roughly divided into two main types. The first is skin betting, a subspecies of esports betting that has come entirely from Valve’s innovative in-game monetization model. The second is real money betting, a more old-school and classic type of esports betting that still has a huge number of dedicated ideological supporters.

Skin-betting implies the use of in-game prices as a deposit for betting. This direction is entirely based on the fact that every in-game item from TF2, CSGO, and Dota 2 has real value outside of Steam.

Third-party services for a symbolic commission are ready to help players realize their gaming savings’ hidden economic potential. Simultaneously, such services can be used not only for betting on esports but also for playing in an analog of online casinos and opening cases.

In addition, a rather interesting point here is that the winnings on such best online eSport betting sites can be withdrawn not only as new skins but also as money to the accounts of any of the major payment systems. It should be noted that some esports skin-betting sites also support real money bets. The opposite is less common.

Despite the limited presence of unique resources uniting both directions, on the whole, these are preferably two opposing directions, each of which has its own large portals and sites. Hybrid sites tend to be inferior to specialized areas in almost everything.

Esport Betting Sites

Skin Betting

Skin-Betting Pros

  • You can use your Steam in-game inventory as a deposit without risking real money.
  • You can place bets on esports and play in various game modes of online casinos, such as poker or roulette.
  • Instant transactions without using any of the existing payment systems, which are almost impossible to track.
  • Using skins as a deposit, you can withdraw your winnings both in the form of more expensive skins and in the way of real money.

Skin-Betting Cons

  • Professional esports bookmakers generally provide higher quality service and deeper coverage of smaller tournaments.
  • Professional esports bookmakers are distinguished by high legitimacy and absolute legality, while there are unreliable ones among skin-betting services.

Betting With Real Money

Betting with real money is expected to be an alternative to skin betting. It’s a more severe hobby for professionals who are willing to invest real money in the game and risk it consciously. There are not so many entertaining elements in this direction – the sites rarely have sections of online casinos. At every step, you do not come across banners with incredible promotions and unique promotional codes.

For the better, this betting direction is distinguished by a more severe and balanced approach and much deeper coverage of esports tournaments. Professional bookmakers highlight the availability of round-the-clock live support and the high cost of website development that is noticeable to the naked eye. On most of them, users can watch the broadcasts of the championship directly in the internal player.

Betting With Real Money Pros

  • The best and most reliable services support real money betting.
  • As a rule, it is full-fledged bookmakers that offer the best real odds, as well as to conduct the most promising promotions and draws.
  • Professional bookmakers have much better coverage of esports tournaments.
  • It is the services with esports betting with real money that support cryptocurrency deposits much more often. 

Betting With Real Money Cons

  • Such services do not support Steam integration.
  • The site often requires a full-fledged severe registration with a voluminous questionnaire that requires your time and attention.
  • Such services are caustically supporting alternative game modes.
  • Sites often adhere to the classic bookmaker functionality and design, inferior to competitors from the skin-betting niche in optimization and execution quality.

Best Esports Betting Sites

  • esports tournaments coverage 5\5 
  • trust level and reliability 5\5
  • design and optimization 5\5


  • esports tournaments coverage 5\5 
  • trust level and reliability 3\5
  • design and optimization 5\5


  • esports tournaments coverage 3\5 
  • trust level and reliability 3\5
  • design and optimization 5\5


  • esports tournaments coverage 4\5 
  • trust level and reliability 4\5
  • design and optimization 5\5


  • esports tournaments coverage 3\5 
  • trust level and reliability 4\5
  • design and optimization 5\5